ITS Product Warranty Information
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Steven and his team at ITS present a variety of solutions for the task at hand, fully explains the various options with all of the plusses and minuses of each and helps make a recommendation that he stands behind.

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Warranty Information


Emergency: twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week. Business days defined as Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm except holidays observed by either Integrated Telecom Solutions or customer.


Emergency service within four (4) hours of notice. Non-emergency service within two (2) business days of notice. Emergency service is defined as the total in-operability of the system. Non-emergency service is defined as any other service of the system.

Parts Costs

All parts shall be repaired or replaced at no additional cost.

Labor Costs

As related to Warranty issues, all labor costs shall be included, with the exception of non-emergency service requested outside the business day. Non-emergency service outside the business day shell is billed at the Integrated Telecom Solutions, then current, billable service rates.


Remote diagnostics and/or minor programming changes that take less than 30 minutes may be included at no additional cost.

Remote Consultation

Remote consultation as reasonably required is included at no additional cost.

Customer Seminars

Periodic user seminars held throughout the year highlighting topics on your Integrated Telecom Solutions System, new software releases, feature enhancements, training and system administration issues.